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By Central Florida Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
February 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Caring for your dental veneers.

You have your new porcelain veneers and you love how they look! Now, when you smile at people, they smile back. You look younger veneersand feel great about yourself. It’s time to learn how to take care of your new dental veneers to make sure they will always look beautiful. Dr. Adel Mansour at Central Florida Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Kissimmee, Florida wants to make sure you know everything about caring for your new smile!

You should be gentle on your veneers, but make sure you keep them clean by practicing the same good habits you do with your other teeth:

  • Floss daily to protect the health of your gums and prevent decay.
  • Brush with a soft toothbrush 2 to 3 times per day, especially after eating and before you go to sleep.
  • Buying a sonic toothbrush is helpful because vibrating toothbrushes are excellent for tiny, hard-to-clean areas of your mouth.

Visit Dr. Mansour in Kissimmee regularly so he can make sure your veneers have no problems and are still just as perfect as when you received them. His hygienist can also check your gums and polish your veneers with a mild paste to make them sparkle.

Porcelain veneers will last for years, but remember NOT to use them as tools, opening up bags and tearing things apart. Try not to bite into hard food, chew ice or bite your fingernails.

If you play contact sports, it’s important to always wear a sports guard to protect your teeth and of course, your beautiful veneers. If you grind or clench your teeth, contact Dr. Mansour and you may be fitted with a nightguard, because grinding is very hard on porcelain veneers.

You have made an excellent investment in your dental veneers. They will give you many years of beautiful service, but you need to treat them well. To find out more about caring for your dental veneers, call Dr. Adel Mansour at Central Florida Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Kissimmee, Florida. He can tell you all there is to know about your dental veneers and help you explore the world of cosmetic dentistry. Find out more about your smile and call today!